Terminal Velocity is a thing.

Dominic Coballe
Jul 28, 2022
3 min read

First month of 2022, I threw on my Codex-branded coveralls and joined as employee #2 (ok there were 5 at that time—I will explain our math in another post 🙂). Ignore that squirrelly arithmetics for a min and picture an old grizzly designer starting fresh in a new role, in a new dept, on a new(ish) startup—first designer on the team, leading the Experience Team of 1—for an engineering team building a tool for engineers. To put it mildly, this battle-horse was very HYPED for the challenge of designing for engineers. My journey was to achieve 3 goals in the overall (re)brand experience that I gleaned from my observation and research:

  • equate the design language to utility

  • accentuate the fundamentals

  • iterate quickly and often

The narrative needs to encompass these goals; and it needs to be compelling for both our team and audience, equally. I named it Terminal Velocity and it became a thing at Codex. The name is simple and quite literal:

  • The terminal window, ubiquitous and steadfast is our inspiration.

  • Speed and efficiency is the foundation of everything we do.

Now let’s get philosophical, from my first moments in product meetings or standups, I felt an authentic desire to affect positive change within the workflow. To really get to the meat of the matter, what problem(s) are we solving? How will our product be translated to the currency of time and effort? For ourselves, our colleagues and our audience. With every iteration of our fledgling product, we are equally steadfast in delivering on the task at hand.

That perfect, moment / hour / session, where output is flying at a constant rate, where productivity is at the perfect pitch. We can all recognize it, where all outside factors are inconsequential. This state, this sweet spot. We want to help you attain this state. We want to keep you in this state for a longer period.

We want to empower you to complete your work that best suits your timeline, your process in 12 secs or less ;)

Codex’s goal is to be the quintessential complement to every developer’s tool kit. So every instance needs to be simple and seamless. It needs to be at the forefront when called upon and then elegantly fades into the background just as fluidly.

We wanted to create a lean, mean yet fun experience. Every engagement begets more activity until a stream of activity becomes a library of knowledge that is owned, maintained and shared. On-boarding is flawless, off-boarding is worry-free and umm regular boarding (is that a term?) is seamless. Colour palette, typography, and nothing superfluous. Back to basics and we build up from the ground up.

We’re passionate about this space and take our work seriously, but we also understand the value of fun. Can a dev tool be fun to use? Heck yes. That fine balance will slowly reveal itself as we roll-out our rebrand over the next few weeks.

We recently just launched on Product Hunt and yes, we would love upvotes.

If you haven’t already, Codex for VS Code is here and we’re days away from our Intelli-J version.

Looking forward to building with you.

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