One Codex, Improved Search, Simplified Context

May 27, 2022
1 min read

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One Codex to Rule them all

mfw a repo has a Codex πŸ‘€

Our biggest change in this update; One Codex per Repo. We listened to your feedback and are happy to get this major update out that simplifies onboarding and setting up a Codex. Additionally we've got search improvements, user navigation enhancements, and many bug fixes for you.

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Changelog - 0.4.1


  • N/A


  • All repositories will have only one codex associated with them
  • Simplified context list view layout, it now displays important high level information for each context
  • Search results page displays results in a similar manner as the context list view layout
  • User navigation experience is now more predictable and user controlled instead of file browsing based
  • Added a settings page to host a variety of settings options for codex's
  • Simplified codex selection flow


  • Better error handling for OAuth related errors
  • Cleaned up unused commands
  • Fixed a bug where it would show a blank screen after user deleted context
  • User language settings no longer interferes with common actions

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