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Code collaboration that answers the burning technical questions in your codebase, right in your IDE.

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Instantly understand what's happening in your codebase and add 'the why' of code for better knowledge and context sharing between teams.

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Onboard New Hires Faster

Help new teammates understand your repositories faster and at scale—it's like multi-tenant pair programming. Allowing your staff and sr. engineers to focus on the mission critical, let Codex handle the rest.

Request Context from Colleagues

Highlight a codeblock in your favorite IDE and request context, Codex will automatically find the teammates who worked on the code by running git blame for you and ask them your question. Once they respond you’ll be notified and it will be written to Codex —so all other teammates will benefit from the context.

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Curate Snippets into Collections for Sharing

Coming Soon: Collections provide a fully searchable and filterable, top level view to quickly see the context your team is writing into the codebase. Team members can easily navigate, filter, and view collections you curate, such as: Onboarding, Tech Debt, or Global Variables.

Engineers can focus on what matters with a real single source of truth, within the actual code, and find out why and what the code is doing from the person who wrote it.

Decision Coverage for Critical Code Blocks

Coming Soon: Codex lives in your Git and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery process to ensure work is backed, and easy to understand, by your teams collective choices.

From business & product requirements down to design details—make sure the code that compiles is moving your company forward.

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Start capturing and sharing context in your codebase today.

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