Codex gives new meaning to your code base.

Codex is an IDE extension that allows any engineer to attach comments, questions, notes or any kind of content to specific lines of code.

Need help setting up? Here's a guide.

See how it works.

Instantly understand every line of code, every commit and every issue in your code base.

We integrate directly in the tools you already use everyday. No need to leave your editor, just keep coding.

We work where you work.


10x your productivity while coding.

Stay focused on the work you're doing and stop getting pulled out of flow to answer questions or explain your code. You can find the answer right in front of you.

Share knowledge across teams

Log comments, descriptions, notes — all of it — add more information to your code quickly and easily.

Nothing falls through the cracks

Keep track of everything and avoid losing critical information about your code. We will store it for you, and never forget it.

Stay clean and organized

Log anything while you work and keep your code organized, sorted and searchable. No more inline comments.

Stay in the zone

No need to leave your editor, all the important information you need, right in your workspace.

Take notes while you code

Don't want to forget something? Create a note on any line of code, for yourself or your team.

Any language, any framework

As long as you are using Git, Codex is compatible with any language or framework. Kotlin, Go, React — that's completely up to you.


Collaborate with your team
without breaking their flow.

Log comments or notes as you go to make things easier for your team to understand. If you have any questions, log them directly on the code block you want to understand. Your teammates can answer when they are ready. All the information you need, directly in your code editor.

Codex VsCode Editor

Remote work is the new normal. Start using Codex today.

Install Codex today to start making your engineering team more productive.

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