Copy links to code blocks, add labels, new UI & more

Jun 29, 2022
3 min read

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Right click, Copy as Codex Link -> get your team on the same page

Hey 😁 πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Ever wanted to send a deep link to a code block while working with your team? We got ya covered in our most recent release, v0.5 - Terminal Velocity 😎 out for VS Code now.

Don't worry to all you JetBrains fans, we'll be releasing our integration soonℒ️

Read on for a more detailed look at some other major changes in this release and thanks for spending time with us, your feedback has helped us tremendously.

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Changelog - 0.5.0


  • Users can now add labels to categorize different types of context
  • Allow users to deep link to any code block
  • Allow users to deep link to any context
  • Added search facets to allow users to search by current file


  • Renovated look and feel of application


  • OAuth error messages

New in Codex

Markdown support

Any context you add with Codex allows markdown in the body, so get inventive, maybe use an emoji, and even add code blocks with syntax highlights 🀩

Markdown is supported in comments and context

Custom Labels

You can now add custom labels to your Codex and then attach them to any context you create. Tech debt? Mark it and explain why it’s there (sometimes you just got to ship, right? πŸ˜… ). Found a security vulnerability? Let the team know!

Labels on context Adding a custom label

Improved Search

Now you can define the file: scope for any search with many more coming soon. Reply and let us know any other search facets you want to see.

Improved Search

Hover for Context

Getting into context is as easy as a hover state now to dig into the conversation on any code block.

Hover over any annotation to get into context

Deep links to Context

Along with the ability to send deep links to context, you can now send a deep link to context + the file with Codex. No longer will we have to hope our pair buddy doesn't have a dirty file on local, just flip them a Codex link and get back to what matters.

Send your team a direct link to any context

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