Open Beta, Slack App, & One Context to Rule them all

May 2, 2022
4 min read

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Welcome to Codex, we're ready for you

Codex is moving to Open Beta and we'd love you to be a part of it, heck you've waited long enough! Install our Visual Studio Code extension, make an account, and start adding context. Here's a quick start guide to get you going.

If you'd like a personal onboarding from the founders, grab some time: we'd love to chat with you.



  • Released the beta Codex Slack app - connect to a #codex-log channel and see context as it’s created and jump into code with a deep link directly to the code block (just make sure you have the repo on local to use deep links)
  • Added comments to allow people to comment on context
  • Added support for Window & Linux OS's
  • Added OAuth with Github & Google


  • Context is king and now Codex has one Object to rule them all - Context
  • We removed the explicit Questions & Answers as these are just context types
  • Now you add any context the same way, just add a ‘?’ if it’s a question
  • Removed the gate feature that required booking a meeting to be onboarded into Codex & move forward in the app
  • A Codex can now be named with text rather than a 3-letter identifier

Fixes & Improvements

  • Search results page will appropriately wrap text
  • Notifications are distinguishable by background colour
  • Sidebar now opens when following a deep link to Codex
  • Resolved a bug where you would lose the context you were submitting if there was a failure on submit
  • We now correctly use the fetch origin instead of assuming only one remote


Slack App

We're happy to announce the beta release of Codex's Slack app that pushes context to a #codex-log channel so your entire team can see what's cooking 👨🏻‍🍳 and jump right in with a deep link into VsCode. Just be sure to have the repo on local and close to main branch for deep links to work as expected.

Let us know if we can help you get setup with a 15 min chat.

Context in Slack with a deeplink to the exact place in code Threads are used to post comments on context back Use the deeplink to get right into flow


An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Eng Management. | Irrational Exuberance An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Eng Management. | Irrational I wrote a book, An Elegant Puzzle, which will be available in late May, 2019. This is something I’ve been working on over the past year, and which I’m extraordinarily excited to share!

Our friend Aditya (Founder of prev Eng at Lyft) shared this book as a great resource for engineers moving into Eng management. In case that's you it's worth checking out.

COSS Community 🌱 COSS Community 🌱 The COSS community for open-source builders, founders, consumers, investors and fans!

If you're into Open Source, JJ (Josephjacks_ on twitter) writes an excellent weekly newsletter on commercial open source projects as well as operating a venture fund dedicated to COSS companies. We read it regularly to try and keep up to speed on all the great innovation in OSS.

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Finally, in case you want to read about our raise and the path that got us into Y Combinator and beyond.

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