Keep track and eliminate tech debt in your code base.

Codex is an IDE extension that allows any engineer to attach comments, questions, TODOs to specific lines of code.

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Identify tech debt in your code | Codex

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Instantly understand every line of code, every commit and every issue in your code base.

We integrate directly in the tools you already use everyday. No need to leave your editor, just keep coding.

We work where you work.


Never let anything fall through the cracks.

Log any critical notes, comments or TODOs as you code. Stay focused on the work you're doing and stop getting pulled out of flow.

Keep a clean and organized code base

Log anything while you work without polluting your code base with multiple comments or TODOs. Tag your information to make things even easier to group and find in the future.

Never leave your code editor

No need to open other tools to make updates. Stay right in your editor while you log tech debt.

Take notes while you code

Don't want to forget something? Use Codex to create a note on any line of code. Whether it's just for you or someone else, log it, tag it and forget it.

Any language, any framework

Codex is compatible with any language or framework. Want to use Kotlin, go ahead. Big fan of Go, that's no problem.


Collaborate with your team
without breaking their flow.

Log comments, notes or TODOs as you go to avoid losing critical information along the way. If you find tech debt, log it directly on the code block you want to reference. Your teammates can address it when they are ready.

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